Structural Steel

Structural Steel is Earthquake Resistant

While the buildings in Turkey are being renovated, steel should be included as well as reinforced concrete. It should not be forgotten that Steel System structures, which are much more flexible and lighter than reinforced concrete structures, save time for evacuation in the event of an earthquake and leave a living space for the people inside even in the worst case, unless major design mistakes are made. And at the same time, Steel Structure is economical; Pre-engineered, fabricated carrier elements provide high quality at a low price and greatly shorten construction time. Steel System is the material with the highest ratio of carrying capacity to weight. Thanks to the high bearing capacity of steel, steel construction elements are produced in smaller sections and dimensions, lighter and in excellent quality. Since the load-bearing element dimensions in steel structures are much smaller than wood and concrete, much more usage area is obtained. This ensures more efficient use of the building area. The price balance and short construction times allow people to settle in sooner, allowing them to gain less rent, interest and cost advantages.

Structural Steel Advantages


It is predicted that half of the 19 million residences in Turkey will be renovated in the next 10 years. “Çelik YAPI structures should be included in the establishment of new cities for a rapid, earthquake-resistant, environmentally friendly and economic transformation. Because steel construction structures are produced in a certain quality and go through the control process”.


The quality of steel, which is a completely industrial product and produced in accordance with international standards all over the world, is controlled and documented at every stage of its production. The producer or the user cannot interfere with the physical properties of the material. Theoretical calculation values ​​are also valid in practice. Since it is not hidden inside the concrete, it provides the opportunity to always inspect its compliance with the project and standards. Although we do not have serious manufacturing experience in areas requiring high technology in heavy industry, manufacturing/Steel System construction stands out as the strongest area of ​​our domestic industry.


Since galvanized steel system is used in the production of light steel structures, the corrosion resistance is high and there is no rusting.


Considering that one of the most important problems of Turkey is the lack of control, “This problem disappears with steel structures. Because one of the most important features of steel structures is that they are the product of a traceable and controlled process. Since both the production of the raw material and the production of the building construction are carried out in the factory environment, all stages are meticulously controlled with the quality system established within the production facilities. The product that comes out in this way puts an end to the lack of control or arbitrariness in control mechanisms, which is the biggest problem of our country.


Steel Building elements are a recyclable building material.” . In other words, Steel Structure is environmentally friendly: Steel Structure is a durable and reusable material. The material that comes out with the dismantling of the Steel System buildings is recovered. The skeleton of a building made of Light Steel Construction material can be obtained from 7-8 scrap cars. In contrast, about 50 trees have to be cut down to make a similar structure out of wood.