Steel Warehouse

Steel Warehouse Construction

The most important alternative for the steel warehouse, which needs wide usage areas, is the steel structured steel warehouses. We can easily meet all warehouse needs with our steel warehouse, which needs an opening area of ​​up to 25 meters and a height of 15 meters, with our superior production method and high quality materials used. We can make the steel warehouse roof as sandwich panel or rock wool filled roof.


Advantages of Steel Structures Compared to Reinforced Concrete

  • The first steel profile skyscraper was built in 1900 in America. In our country, steel structures are preferred for detached houses, as their advantages are seen after skyscrapers.
  • Compared to reinforced concrete structures, steel structures are much lighter and more flexible. This flexibility is due to the screwing system and the fact that the steel is metal. This feature should definitely be sought in countries with high earthquake risk such as Turkey.
  • Steel structures are produced in certain standards. In this regard, there is almost no margin for error. It comes to the construction site ready and steel structures are created in a short time according to the project. The cost is also much less in this sense. Our company creates the most suitable project with its expert engineers and staff before construction.
  • All static calculations are calculated with computer aided advanced static programs. Afterwards, high quality steel profiles in appropriate sizes are produced in our factory. The transportation of the produced parts is also very easy. In this regard, steel structures can be built anywhere. The main skeleton of the building is formed by combining the profiles in a short time and in accordance with the rules. The view of the house on the computer is obtained exactly.
  • The control of material quality in steel structures is also much higher than in reinforced concrete, and the homogeneous formation that cannot be fully achieved in reinforced concrete structures is not a problem for steel structures. Our company continues to provide the best and reliable service with the steel profiles it produces and the useful, comfortable and aesthetic steel structures it has built.